Music isn't just something to's everything.”


Patrick Johnson (bass, guitar, vocals), formerly of Dash Rip Rock & Poor Harvey, formed The Sea Flats in 2018 to coincide with the release of his second solo record, Monsters in the Clouds.  He enlisted the help of Adam Hains (keyboards, guitar, aux percussion, vocals), band leader at Bourbon Street's Famous Door, along with Kyle Melancon (drums, vocals), of Dash Rip Rock, Glenn Tilbrook and The Imagination Movers fame, and Nick Butitta (guitar, bass, vocals) of Last Chance Dave and Big Whup.  These hard rockers from Louisiana tear up some melodic alternative rock & roll.  Be it hard and loud, or slow and soft, The Sea Flats can make your head bang, your ears ring, and your eyes shed tears of joy.  


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