PATRICK JOHNSON - vocals, bass guitar, guitars, percussion, songwriter

Principal songwriter for The Sea Flats, Patrick has spent many years touring the country and beyond for a slew of talented bands (Tabby Thomas, Poor Harvey, Kristin Diable, The Prescriptions, Elsah, Dash Rip Rock, Undisputed Heavyweights) before being inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2011. No stranger to the studio, Patrick's discography credits rank in the double digits, including the solo albums Last River Drive-In (2014) & Monsters in the Clouds (2017).

ADAM HAINS – keyboards, guitars, vocals, percussion

Adam has been a staple in the New Orleans music scene for a number of years.

As a producer and performer, Adam has been a member of several bands in the past, and is the current band leader for the house band at Bourbon Street's Famous Door. He has produced numerous albums, two of which he and Patrick produced together, “Last River Drive-In” and “Monsters In The Clouds.”

KYLE MELANCON – drums, vocals, percussion

A veteran of all things music on an international scale, Kyle is a five-star performer who has spent much of his time with some incredible bands throughout his career. He has maintained the endearing nickname of ‘The Juggernaut of the New Orleans Music Scene’ for years.

Notable bands that Kyle has been a member of include The Imagination Movers, Dash Rip Rock (for which he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2011), Glenn Tillbrook, and Zoom.

NICK BUTITTA – guitars, bass guitar, vocals, percussion

A veteran of several rock bands in the Baton Rouge area, Nick has played with notable names including Last Chance Dave, The Wayhighmen, Hilbun & The Homewreckers and Big Whup.

Nick is a former Berkley music student from Berkley in Boston, with a concentration in bass guitar. He and Patrick worked pre-production for “Last River Drive-In,” which Nick also tracked guitar, bass, and vocals for.